Our values

We borrow Earth from future generations

Aware of the current issues and the challenges of tomorrow, we are working for the future. In our work, we respect our commitments for the consumer and for future generations.


We protect the life of earth

An active biological life in the soil allows the vine to better protect itself naturally. A natural balance is created between the vine and its environment. We want to protect this balance.


To drive the vine in a reasoned way

We observe and research the best methods to favor the natural defenses of our vines and limit the interventions to the strict minimum necessary.


All our champagnes are HVE (High Environmental Value) and Terra Vitis certified.


Everyday, question yourself

Nothing is ever acquired. The knowledge evolves, the climate too. We adapt and face challenges rather than endure them. We understand the expectations of society and find appropriate answers.


The taste of Others

We care about the well-being at work of our employees and strive to meet their needs according to the methodology of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We establish with them a constructive dialogue.


Transparency on all floors

From the plantation to the bottle, each production step is controlled by an approved and independent organization. We maintain a rigorous traceability.

To offer or simply to please you

The BAUDRY's house offers different champagnes of excellence, accessible directly from the online shop.